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Southwater wall project

[Report from Elise and Mary of One Two One]
The Ceramic Wall art project ‘Up the road and round the corner’ (run by Elise and Mary from One Two One in Bexhill), is nearing its presentation stage. This will be held on August 5th 4pm–7.30 at the Southwater Communty Centre. On June 10th the team and students from Brighton University looked at the scale and extent of the proposed wall and its visual impact. The team [pictured] sketched out on a papered brick wall some main elements of the ‘art piece’. After the design has been agreed in August there will be a community tile glazing workshop to be held on the 2nd Sept at the Community Centre.
o If you would like to get involved you can either email elise and mary at  or telephone/text : 07961 076 506 or via the One Two One website/blog : or via the S.A.R.A website:

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